Marketing & Brand Strategy

Before creating anything, we believe in first applying the power of insightful, tightly focused strategic thinking to every client’s business… and every major project. When it comes to marketing and brand strategy in NH and beyond, Radar Marketing Group is the right choice.

In virtually all categories (whether B2C or B2B), there are too many products and services to choose from. The differences among them are often slight. It becomes a big blur to potential buyers who will rarely spend all that much time trying to figure out what’s truly the right choice for them. So we need to help make their selection process more obvious, easier and less time-consuming.

To do that, it’s critically important to first determine what makes your brand different. What makes it the most relevant and meaningful and precisely to whom. Brand differentiation is everything!

Working with our clients, we find those differences and identify the target audiences who want it most. We comb through the data. We blend our experience with yours. And we can conduct fast, low cost/high yield original research to fill in the blanks if needed.

The result is a written, one-page Brand Communications Strategy Statement from which all work will flow. Once you approve this, Radar Marketing Group is ready to roll and begin the process of elevating your brand to the next level.

Marketing Services

Successful marketing begins with a short, focused and actionable marketing plan which clearly defines the business goals and the steps to take to achieve them. We can either provide our input on an existing plan or create one for you from scratch.
Differentiating your brand from its many competitors is crucial to long-term success. We’ll help you find that difference and then effectively leverage it throughout the marketing mix.
In our world, the Brand Communications Strategy is the most important piece of the puzzle. It captures the differentiating essence of your brand and the people most likely to buy it… and guides all of the creative work which we’ll be doing for you.
When existing data and experience aren’t enough for making important decisions, we’ll help you fill in the blanks with the right (and cost-efficient) research tool for the job. We can even manage the entire research process for you, whether the best solution is an online study, focus groups, one-on-one interviews or another methodology.
Radar Marketing Group is a single-source solution for your print advertising and collateral needs. We design the materials and then supervise the printing for advertising, point-of-purchase, brochures, posters, newsletters, labels, banners, annual reports, letterhead and more. In fact, we recently won awards for both our print advertising and graphic design work.
Social Media has become an essential driver for online interactions. Radar Marketing Group can develop and implement strategies to help you harness the power of Social Media to build your brand.
Depending upon the specific need, we can plan and efficiently place your advertising using our own internal resources or a strategic partner.